Best 250cc Dirt Bikes

There are numerous factors to take consider when choosing dirt bikes. One of them is the power of the bike. It is often referred to by the letter “cc.”

There is the number right next to it is the letter “cc.” It is these combinations of letters and numbers which indicate the power of the bike.

In the world of dirt bikes, 250cc bikes are regarded as one of the top bikes. If you choose to purchase 250cc bikes there is one challenge to overcome.

Best 250 cc Dirt Bikes

The challenge is choosing the best bike among the various brands and models that are available. To help you we’ve put together an inventory of the top 250cc dirt bikes.

1. Yamaha YZ250F

There’s no doubt about the power for the Yamaha YZ250F within the market. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing or hearing about it, you can certainly attest to this. One of the aspects that make it an excellent machine is its distinctive frame.

The Yamaha YZ250F features beams that are bilateral. The beam has the main spars and engine mounts designed to help centralize the weight. This way, the biker can achieve a perfect balance when riding the bike.

Yamaha YZ250F’s throttle is among of the most amazing features available. In essence, it provides instant throttle response, which makes the bike gain more speed. This is very beneficial when racing dirt bikes in which speed and power are crucial.

The Yamaha YZ250F is extremely lightweight. This is despite the reality that they launched the fuel injection option. Of course, it is impossible to ignore this bike’s KYB coil spring fork. It’s a remarkable air fork that has established the bike’s spot in the top of the line.

2. Suzuki RM-Z250

The RMZ250 dirt bike from Suzuki is certainly a giant in the 250cc class. The first thing to note is that its engine is unique in its one of a kind. Suzuki has put in place numerous designs and features to make the engine of the bike extremely strong.

One of the changes made was to place the second injector next to the air filter, which allows the atomization process to take longer as well as cooling the charge of intake. It is this that gives the engine more force.

The RM-Z250 also has an excellent suspension system which is the KYB coil-spring which allows riders to overcome any difficult or challenging terrain without difficulty. If it’s riding through potholes or landing on the edge of a jump, these suspensions will have the job covered.

3. Honda CRF250R

The list could have gone much further without including that Honda CRF250R. When it comes to performance this Honda CRF250R is a screamer. The bike is equipped with a high-powered engine, which is greater than its predecessors. The higher horsepower means that the rider has more speed.

The most recent version of the Honda CRF250R is fitted with double-spray injectors. This helps increase the atomization of fuel, which increases power to the midrange and over-rev.

In use the bike is simple to turn and handle since it is very light. It also has an easy electric starter. This can go a long way in ensuring convenience, particularly for racers. In essence, with this feature, you’ll be able to quickly restart your dirt bike during the racing heat.

4. Kawasaki KX250

If you’re looking for the best 250 cc dirt bikes, you will always count on the most recent Kawasaki KX250. It has top-of-the-line performance as well as strong breaks

The greatest part is that the changes were not made to add any weight. So, it is the Kawasaki KX250 new model is the same weight like its previous models. This makes it easy to carry all over (control).

Kawasaki KX250 now has an amazing suspension system that is the KYB coil-spring fork. It also has valve trains that connect the cams as well as the valves that give greater speed and power.

5. KTM 250 SX-F

It is a no-brainer reality that the KTM 250 SX is among of the best 250cc dirt bikes that has ever been created. The impressive features included in this bike are one of the reasons why it’s included on this list. It is extremely strong, with an engine that builds strength gradually. This allows riders to maintain speeds at the entrances and exits of corners.

Its KTM 250 SX-F comes with one of the most smooth transmission systems. Its transmission allows you to make the most of every horsepower of the bike. In terms of suspension system, KTM has done an amazing job. Its KTM 250 SX-F uses the AER 48 Air fork. This suspension is extremely compatible when combined with the bike’s frame.

This isn’t all. The bike has a variety of add-on features. One of them is the map that push button that changes. The traction and E-start feature are both features of this bike. To top it all off it is also lightweight. KTM 250 SX is lightweight. This is a huge help to help the rider handle the bike easily.

6. Husqvarna FC 250

It is the Husqvarna FC250 is a one unique machine since each and every component is designed and built to the highest standards. This Husqvarna FC250 comes with a stainless steel frame made of chromium Molybdenum. This particular kind of frame is known for its outstanding stability.

Husqvarna engineers made a fantastic job of changing the bike’s internal parts. One of the items that are built into it is a unique machined CNC Triple Clamp. The clamp is equipped with a damping system. This reduces the vibrations during the time; the motorcycle is used and improves the comfort of the rider.

If we’re talking about speed it is clear that the Husqvarna is an absolute beast in this area. It is one of the top 250cc motorcycles on the market. When it comes to peak power the Husqvarna has 42.53 horsepower. The most notable thing about it however is that it generates the power it needs at a slower rate. This results in the power curve becoming more linear when used.

7. Beta RR 2T 250

Beta RR 2T 259 Beta RR 2T 259 is an engine with a capacity of 250cc that has caused a stir throughout the world since its introduction. In the course of time, many modifications were made to give users with a better experience. One of the first things that is the Beta RR 2T 250 is well-known for is its powerful engine.

The most recent Beta RR 2T 250 release includes an engine that has counterbalance. Counterbalance is an integral feature in decreasing vibrations. This new series of the Beta bike comes with a completely redesigned the cylinder.

The new cylinder boosts the torque when running at low rpm. The frame’s overall design has changed. The new bike has a modern geometry with stiff features.

Is a 250cc Dirt Bike Good for a Beginner?

It’s no hidden fact that 250cc dirt bikes can be powerful machines. They can outrun most sports cars during the daytime and tear in the forest at night.

There is an issue that keeps appearing in the minds of people. The issue is whether 250cc dirt bikes are appropriate for novices.

The easiest answer is yes. In essence, 250cc dirt bikes are ideal for anyone who is just starting out. It can be a fantastic instrument to help you improve your riding skills to the next level. Here are a few reasons for this;

  1. Many 250cc bikes are reliable and maintenance-free. This is ideal for novices.
  2. Many of the 250cc dirt bikes are equipped with powerful kicks and torque. Combining these creates a bike that is powerful enough that they are loved by a lot of newbie’s.
  3. 250cc bikes have incredibly powerful brakes.
  4. The availability of excellent suspensions is a typical feature of the majority of 250cc dirt bike models. This can be extremely helpful when riding, particularly for beginners.
  5. 250cc bikes are typically light. This allows beginners to handle and control the bike without difficulty.
  6. If you buy a bike with a 250cc capacity, you can be sure to get high-quality parts, particularly when you choose the top brands available on the market. With top-quality components the life of your bike can last for a long time.
  7. Today, many bike manufacturers include technology in the dirt bikes they sell. In the end, we have products like the e-start. With e-start, anyone who is a beginner can enjoy riding on a dirt bike of 250cc.

Tips for Selecting a Dirt Bike as Beginner

Of course, we’ve discovered that 250cc bikes are ideal for beginners. However, you might need to read some of these suggestions prior to buying a dirt bike.

They may help you to you succeed in your dirt bike ride. These tips are;

Tire Sizing

In the majority of dirt bikes, you’ll discover in most dirt bikes, the front wheels are bigger that the rear. This helps riders go faster, while also navigating smoothly across rough terrain.

While this is the case in the beginning it is recommended to choose dirt bikes that have large tires. This can go a long way for making the ride smoother.

Bike Purpose

There are two primary uses that dirt bikes serve, dependent on the model. Most dirt bikes are utilized to race (racing). But, there are also other types which are intended for riding outdoors (recreation).

When racing, routes are typically defined and variables are defined. Outdoor riding, however you don’t set the routes, so they can be unpredictable.

This is why bikes designed for these two distinct uses are different. So, you must be aware of what you want to utilize your bike for and choose a bike that best suits your needs.

Size Yourself Up

If you are looking to purchase the best dirt bike for beginners, there is no “one size fits all bike.” Every bike is unique in regards to the weight and size. Therefore, it is important to test the dirt bike on your own and find out if the bike is suitable for you.

In doing so, make sure to test all the bikes you’d like, this will help your “size yourself up” properly. By doing this, it is possible that you’ll be able to make the best choice for yourself.

How Fast Can a 250cc Dirt Bike Go?

Another frequently asked question is how can fast a 250cc dirt bike go? Most 250 cc dirt bikes have a max speed of between 55 and 68 miles per hour.

There are situations where the numbers could be higher. The basic rule is that some 250cc dirt bike models are capable of speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

If you’re looking to hit these speeds on your 250cc dirt bike there’s some things to be done first. This includes:

  1. Check the air filters in your home and make sure that everything is in order.
  2. Be sure to maintain a good suspension.
  3. Check that you have the correct engine power, as the specifications for your dirt bikes counsel
  4. Your tires must be properly maintained and properly inflated.
  5. Check the radiator, and correct any problems that may be present if any.
  6. Make sure to use the right engine oil.

Is a 250cc Dirt Bike Street Legal?

What is Street Legal mean? Street legal refers to a term that is used to refer to dirt bikes made to be used on roads or paths.

Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal? While there are plenty of dirt bikes that can’t be driven on public roadways, there are still best 250cc dirt bikes which are legal for street use.


There is no doubt that 250cc dirt bikes are incredible. All 250cc bikes are constantly being upgraded, so this is partly to blame.

Overall, all bike has distinctive features that are designed to meet the needs of each rider. The final decision is up to the rider. All you need to do is create your list of things you’d like and choose the bike that is best for you.

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