Best CBs in Madden 23

As is the case with Quarterbacks and Edge Rushers, Cornerbacks are an extremely important position in football. Receivers are typically more nimble and powerful than their counterparts. In order to bring them down, the cornerbacks who are covering the receivers need to have the same level of strength. The cornerback position is the position that decides who wins the game, so it is obviously highly important. This article is going to concentrate primarily on the cornerbacks that are considered to be the finest in Madden 23.

Best CBs in Madden 23

Best CBs in Madden 23

The contest between the wide receiver and the cornerback is over in a very brief amount of time and can either be won or lost. This indicates that you must maintain a state of constant vigilance in order to avoid missing the opportunity. You will be able to suppress the receiver and slow down their release if you have strong cornerbacks.

If you are having trouble deciding which player to utilise as a cornerback in Madden NFL 23, there is no need for you to fret because we have compiled a list of the top 15 cornerbacks (CBs) in the game.




Jalen Ramsey Rams 98
Jaire Alexander Packers 94
Tre’Davious White Bills 93
Darius Slay Jr. Eagles 92
Denzel Ward Browns 92
Marshon Latimore Saints 91
Stephen Gilmore Colts 90
JC Jackson Chargers 90
Marlon Humphrey Ravens 90
AJ Terrel Falcons 89
Kendall Fuller Commanders 89
Xevian Howard Dolphins 88
Byron Jones Dolphins 87
Casey Heyward Jr. Falcons 87
Kenny Moore II Colts 87

When discussing the top cornerback in Madden NFL 23, it is impossible to overlook the indisputable Jalen Ramsey, who has a rating of 98. Jalen Ramsey has been successful in every single match despite facing off against the top receivers in the game and putting up an excellent battle against them. Because he is both strong and nimble, he is able to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. Jalen Ramsey is an outstanding candidate for the position of cornerback due to his exceptional ratings in zone coverage (99), play recognition (96), and man coverage (98).

The show’s second most prominent star is Jaire Alexander. In the year 2020, he has been the league’s finest cornerback. The presence of the sender causes the receivers to lose their composure.

In the same way, Darius Slay Jr., who has a rating of 92, is in the same position. Even though he is not known for making particularly spectacular deflections or interceptions, he was nonetheless one of the top corners in 2021.

Denzel Ward, who has a speed rating of 94 and a change of direction rating of 96, is one of the very few corners that are considered to be among the best for coverage. Even though he is not particularly large, he nonetheless manages to perform exceptionally well in his work.

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