Best Cordless Miter Saw 2023 – What Miter Saw to Buy?

best cordless miter sawIf any tool that has changed the way of work how a carpenter does is then it is none other than the power miter saw. This is all a carpenter needs to get positive results from his work and the customers as well. Either it’s the work related to bench saw or chop saw, the power miter saw an all-rounder for the carpenters.

The saws help the carpenters to get the required cuts with the right angles. They can mold the wood according to their thinking and ideas readily. If you want to make your name among the best carpenters in your area, then you can enhance your skills by changing your ordinary miter saw with the best cordless miter saw.

The best cordless miter saw not only increase the workhouse, but it also let you complete your work without even being tired. Earlier there were no cordless miter saws available, but now it has happened, and you can get a cordless miter saw for yourself as well.

There are multiple benefits of using a cordless miter saw, and all these advantages are enough to convince you to buy the best cordless miter saw. Having a cordless miter saw allows the carpenter a professional look, and it cut and installs the molding almost by its own. Such efficiency was not imagined before but now with unmatched convenience given by any other miter saw, the cordless miter saw has made its name between the best miter saws.

With the cordless miter saw you do not even require power as they can be used anywhere no matter the power is available or not. The best cordless miter saw is perfect for any finish carpentry work. And if you are a carpenter then without going for a second thought or opinion, make a cordless miter saw your workplace necessity.

If we talk about the ordinary saws used by most of the carpenters, then it is not wrong to say that those saws that increased the burden on the carpenter as they cannot be used for compound cutting. With such saws, it is quite challenging to have copying cuts, and changing them with the miter cuts for both the inner and outer corners.


The 5 Best Cordless Miter Saw – Reviews 2023

As cordless miter saws are new to the market, so there are not many companies those who make a cordless miter saw. Many companies do make miter saws and other cordless products, but there are only a few who deals with cordless miter saws as well. These miter saws need a lot of power than the other entire cordless product, and this is the major reason that only a few companies manufacture best cordless miter saw for the consumers. Here we have to reviewed five of the best cordless miter saw that is good at providing fine performance and cuts and have an appropriate power supply.

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DeWalt DCS361M1 20V, 7 1/4” Cordless Miter Saw Sliding Bevel

DEWALT 20V MAX 7.25 Inch Cordless Miter Saw

Truth to be told, DeWalt is the best cordless miter saw provider in the market. Dewalt has never disappointed its customers with its products by providing the right quality, services, and performance. If compared to 10” or 12” miter saw that is commonly used, this compact cordless miter saw is all that you want.

You will find everything in this miter saw including, perfect size, the lightweight of about 31.6lbs, and the perfect combination of battery with the cordless feature. You won’t find such amazing features in any other cordless miter saw.

This is the best cordless miter saw as it has a lot to offer such as it is capableof cutting about 3 5/8” crown molding and 3 ½” baseboards. It is also known as a compound miter saw that means that you can get the compound cuts with this miter saw easily. The saw has extra-large bevel scale with which you can have the cuts of about 2*8 on 45 degree bevel angle cut. Among all the cordless saw, this one is liked by the customers the most.


Makita XSL06PT 10” Cordless Miter Saw Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound with Laser

Makita XSL06PT 10” Cordless Miter Saw

This is one of those companies that are known well for their cordless products. This product is their most successful manufacturing because of its unbeatable features and characteristics such as dual bevel. Their best cordless miter saw is also known as the sliding compound miter saw. It provides the power of about 2-18v with LXT lithium-0ion batteries. This miter saw provides 36 volts of overall power to the machine.

This company has its battery system that has the fastest recharging time. This fantastic feature of the miter saw makes it stand out among all the cordless miter saws. It only requires 20 minutes to get its batteries charged, and you can start your work again. You can get about 334 2*4s or 192 2*12s cuts on a single charge.

The motor of this best cordless miter saw does not contain any brushes that mean that less maintenance is required by it and it is automatically managed to work fast and provide cleaner and fine cuts. Keeping the type of material in concern, this miter automatically maintains the speed of its motor. This saw also has laser light that helps the carpenter to make sleek and perfect cuts.


DeWalt DHS716AT2 Flexvolt 120v, 12” Cordless Miter Saw Fixed

DeWalt DHS716AT2 Cordless Miter Saw

When it comes to a great power supply, then this is the best cordless miter saw you can get your hands on. The size of this saw is about 12,” and it has two batteries of 60 volts each that means that you can get a considerable voltage from this saw.

This miter saw can also work without the batteries that mean that even if the batteries are not charged, you can use them and continue your work. The saw has 12” blade size that allows the user to cut 4”*6” timber at the angle of 45-degree miter. If you are finding for the best cordless miter saw that provide you with compound miter with perfect quality, choose DeWalt DHS716AT2 cordless miter saw.


DeWalt DHS790AT2 Flexvolt 120v, 12” Cordless Miter Saw Double Bevel Sliding

DeWalt DHS790AT2 Cordless Miter Saw

DeWalt is the best brand that provides the best cordless products. The company makes the best miter saws for the users at reasonable prices. The company has positive reviews from old customers. The company is known for its exceptional services and quality based products.

The company provides the unbeatable cordless miter saws with which the carpenters can cut about 7 1/2 “baseboard or the crown molding if kept vertically and it cut 13 3/7” crown molding if kept flat. You can use this saw as the compound miter saw as well for compound applications.


Milwaukee 2734-20 10”, M18 Fuel, Dual Bevel, Cordless Miter Saw Sliding Compound

Milwaukee 2734-20 10” Cordless Miter Saw

This amazing 10” dual sliding compound miter is far better than the 10” saws available in the market. Its long rails make it unique among others. The cutting range varies about 2”*8” at 45-degree bevel cut and 2”*12” bevel cuts.

Beside the machine is of 18 volts, the saw is still good for providing excellent torque without being a corded tool. It is installed with the Red Lithium battery that is known as the most unique and powerful batteries in the market. This best cordless miter saw does have laser light that allows the user to make fine cuts with the tool.


DeWalt DHS790 AT2 Cordless Miter Saw

DeWalt DHS790AT2 Cordless Miter Saw

If you require a good power, compact size, and durable miter saw, then DeWalt DHS790AT2 is the only best cordless miter saw that you need to buy.

This saw is designed as an all-rounder, ensuring to complete the demands and requirements of the carpenters. It is perfect with the combining moldings, crown molding, or any other type of unique and delicate woodwork.

The unique feature of this saw is its dual voltage design that allows the workers to do work with house electricity even if the battery or the saw runs out. When you want something durable and practical being long-lasting, this should be your choice.



DeWalt is the number one choice when it comes to the best price and quality. The saw has large blades that provide sufficient cutting speed. Due to its good voltage supply and speed, this saw is the number one choice of most of the contractors. Other than that, the saw’s compact size and weight also make it noticeable.

This saw provide the similar fine cutting as the 12” bladed saw. Unless you are required to perform huge baseboard cutting or cover moldings, this miter saw will do a great job for you. You can use this miter saw for almost all kinds of projects demanding clear and sleek cuts.

Miter Saws vs. Chop Saws

Before starting to discuss the qualities of a best cordless miter saw and what makes it suitable, let’s talk about something more substantial. Most of the people think that the miter saws and the chop saws are similar to each other. But this is something that they are wrong about.

Concerning the miter saw, it is used with the word work and woodcutting. It is mostly used for architectural moldings. Excellent quality of best cordless miter saw is that it is capable of dealing with mini and delicate designs such as compound angles.

Whereas, if we talk about chop saws, then they are most often used for metal work including detailing the metal tubing and bar stock for welding purpose all together. This means that chop saw has limited working ability, they can do a bit of miter cutting, but that is also much accurate and on point.

Both the saws cannot be used interchangeably because even by changing the blades of the saw, you won’t get exceptional results. The saws, the best cordless miter saw, and the chop saws are used fora different purpose and should be used within their limited applications.

A miter saw can be used to cut off metal tubing if the right blade is installed. But there is a good option that the hot sparks from the metal could damage the surface of the saw, resulting in the wood being scratched. Similarly, if you ever try to cut the forest with the help of chop saw, you will never get the cuts that you are working on.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Miter Saw in 2023

To get the best cordless miter saw is a kind of huge investment, so be sure that you buy something that enhances your reputation. The brand which we are going to review is best for their quality so there won’t be any issue concerning quality. Please avoid buyer miter saws from the companies that offer low-cost products before they won’t provide with the right tools providing best services and performance.

In a cordless miter saw the most important thing to consider is its batteries because of the voltage provided by the battery with the effect the performance of the saw. Because the cordless saws are new in the market, so they are made with the best batteries that provide a good voltage power.

The makers of the best cordless miter saw are concerned much with the batteries of the tool, so they have provided much attention to this factor by increasing the voltage of the battery to get the extra torque. Many of the manufacturers, made saws that sue double batteries that means double power exerted by the tool

There are multiple cordless miter saws available in the market but when you are up to buy one for yourself, always consider a best cordless miter saw that matches your requirements.

  • Miter saws – With the ordinary miter saw, the blades not compatible with changing the angle, so with this miter, you can only get basic cuts. Avoid using it for the compound miter.
  • Bevel miter saws – these saws are specially designed for the compound miter that means that are compatible with the blade bevel feature and the blade can move to both sides. This miter saw can also be used for crown molding
  • Sliding bevel miter saws – Including rails and enabling the saw head to slide enables it to cut bigger material, for example, cutting off 2″x 12″ story joists, just as cutting crown forming. Because of their expanded limit, sliding slant miter saws have supplanted outspread arm saws in practically all applications. It is among the best cordless miter saw in the market, and you can use it for vast applications easily.

Other than the range of the miter saws, there is one other thing that matters a lot. You need to see the blade of the saw because the blade affects the capacity of the saw a lot. If you want more significant cuts or moldings, then always go with the larger blade because it gives you deeper cuts. There is multiple ranges of blade sizes including, 7-1/2”- 12”.

A quality of a good carpenter is that he knows it very well that with kind of best cordless miter saw will go best with his work and what kind of blades will go best with the type of cuts he requires. Choosing the right blade allows the carpenter to get rid of scraps and get disappointed with the wrong results.

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