Best DT in Madden 23

Madden season has arrived, therefore now is the time to select your top Defensive Tackles. While there are countless possibilities available, you must remember that your ideal squad need complementary players. Fortunately, in this Madden 23 guide, we have compiled the Top Defensive Tackles (DT) and their respective rankings to make your decision-making process easier. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best DT in Madden 23

Best DT in Madden 23

Your Madden team determines the outcome of each match. If you have the ideal lineup, you should be able to bring home the trophy. However, if you do not carefully consider who makes the cut on your team, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Consequently, defensive tackles are the guys who line up against the offensive guards. Depending on the game, they are occasionally required to fulfil a variety of positions. You must carefully select who will serve as your team’s Defensive Tacklers, who are typically the larger players on your squad.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Defensive Tackles in Madden NFL 23 to make your choosing easier.





Vita Vea Tampa Bay Buccaneers 93 68
Jonathan Allen Washington Commanders 92 71
Chris Jones Kansas City Chiefs 91 69
DeForest Buckner Indianapolis Colts 90 72
Kenny Clark Green Bay Packers 89 68
Fletcher Cox Philadelphia Eagles 88 76
Michael Pierce Baltimore Ravens 88 70
Da’Ron Payne Washington Commanders 87 76
Quinnen Williams New York Jets 86 78
D.J. Reader Cincinnati Bengals 84 61
Javon Hargrve Philadelphia Eagles 84 76
Grover Stewart Indianapolis Colts 82 66
Tyson Alualu Pittsburgh Steelers 82 71
Derrick Brown Carolina Panthers 81 70
Ed Oliver  Buffalo Bills  81 83
David Onyemata New Orleans Saints 80 68
Folorunso Fatukasi Jacksonville Jaguars 80 62
B.J. Hill Cincinnati Bengals 79 72
Al Woods Seattle Seahawks 78 67
Derrick Nnadi Kansas City Chiefs 78 62

It is fitting that Vita Vea holds the top Defensive Tackler rating in Madden 23, considering he is the best of the best at the position. He is a superstar who possesses the Run Stopper archetype and runs with a default running style of Long Stride. He not only has a powerful hitting ability, but also excellent motor abilities. His movement in Madden Weekly is likewise excellent, and you just cannot do without him on your squad.

Jonathan Allen comes in at number two on the list. In spite of the fact that he is not a particularly powerful hitter, he possesses excellent motor skills in addition to the Pass Rush Spin movements. In addition to that, he is a Power Rusher, which means that his default running style is Long Stride, and he has a very long stride. An excellent option for the DT position for gamers who are enthusiastic about the Washington Commanders.

Chris Jones comes in first place with an aggregate score of 91. Players who are enthusiastic about Power Rusher Archetypes with Default Stride High and Tight Running Style will find that he is an excellent option to consider. Whatever you can think of, he has it in his collection. Alongside his Pass Rush Spin and Swim techniques, he also possesses great motor skills, despite the fact that he is not a particularly powerful hitter.

One of the best defensive tackles you can choose is probably going to be a big hitter with good motor skills who plays for the Indianapolis Colts. When it comes to his performance, DeForest Buckner is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Because he possesses both the Speed Rusher Archetype and the Long Stride Loose Running Style, he is an unstoppable force.

Finally, but most importantly, we suggest that you go with Kenny Clark. His overall ranking is 89, and he is a member of the Green Bay Packers club. He possesses a Long Stride Loose Running Style and is an example of the Run Stopper Archetype. Along with his move Pass Rush Bull Rush, he possesses great motor skills, despite the fact that he is not a particularly powerful striker.

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