Best Router Table Australia 2023 – Executive Review

Routers are amazing tools that woodworkers use. If you are a woodworker and want to upgrade your setup, then you must get the best router table Australia. These can help in making curves along with unique shapes in wood, and also dig grooves plus indents. If you want to use a router in a safe and effective way, then a good router table must be attached to it.

Best Router Table Australia

With the help of router tables, you can use both the hands to properly guide wood when the router does what it does. You can, therefore, be more accurate when it comes to shaping. You will even feel safer doing this. There are many options in the market when looking for the best router table in Australia. It can be daunting to select the perfect one. Below are five router tables that you can consider getting.

Comprehensive Review Of The Best Router Table Australia

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1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181The Bosch RA1181 is a benchtop router table that is able to give you a good large work surface. This will let you have precision and also versatility. This is one of the best router tables Australia because it has the following top features:

 Aluminum makeup

 The large aluminum top allows the table to be durable and also portable. You will get an extended work area with this. The aluminum mounting plate is pre-drilled for compatibility specifically with different routers as well as for good above table height adjustment that can occur with some routers. There is an extra tall aluminum fence that has adjustable MDF faceplates as well as feather boards that help to maximize precision as well as versatility. 

 The good dust collection port

 The dust collection port is effective. This allows you to make your work area remain clean. The dedicated standard dust-collection port is able to fit good standard 2-½” vacuum hoses that will allow you to have debris-free operation to aid in making your work area stay clean.

 Simple to use adjustable weatherboards

 These are able to attach to the fence as well as table, giving additional guidance along with kickback protection.

  • Easy-to-use handy adjustable weatherboards
  • Good dust-collection port
  • Extra tall aluminum fence, rigid aluminum mounting plate
  • Benchtop router table
  • Stability issues may be present
  • Warping may be bad
  • A workbench is required for this router table

Final Words

 The Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is a good one to consider if you have a workbench. It has features that will make you do your tasks easily that makes it one of the best router tables Australia.

2. Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table 

Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table This is a good and one of the best router table Australia if you want to invest in some professional-grade products that will be for your router. The product comes with the table, stand, as well as fence. It is a high-quality router table. It has the following highlighted features:

 The stand can be adjusted

 The stand of this is able to be adjusted from 31 inches going to 39 inches tall. This lets you adjust it to the most comfortable height. The fence is even adjustable, aiding you in putting the wood where you require it prior to starting routing. 

 Collect sawdust easily

 There is a helpful outfeed point that is present to attach a vacuum. This tool aids in collecting sawdust when you are functioning with the wood, stopping mess immediately when it is created. 

 Sturdy product

The stand has a steel frame that is coated. This allows it to be sturdy and also durable. Customers have even claimed that it lasts for much time. The tabletop is made of laminate coated MDF type of board. This is made to slide the wood along when you are routing easily.

  • Is a professional quality router table
  • The height is adjustable
  • Is sturdy and also durable
  • On the expensive side

Final Words

 For those that have a good budget and want a quality product, this is one to consider. This router table is one of the best router table Australia and has everything required from a router table. This is durability, high-quality construction, as well as is able to be customized according to your requirements.

3. Bosch RA1141 Benchtop Jobsite Router Table

Bosch RA1141 Benchtop Router TableAnother router table that is one of the best router tables in Australia is from the popular company Bosch. It is a portable one that is easy to use and also stable. It has the following top features.

 Portable design

The router table has an ultra-portable design. It has folding legs that allow fast set up to occur. This helps with easy storage, as well. With the easy-to-store type of folding design, the preassembled table has good folding legs along with storage compartments. This helps with convenience as well as portability. 

 Easy click

 The router mounting system is there for fast as well as easy setup. This lets no leveling along with easy bit adjustments to occur. The Easy Click router mount is able to attach and detach in only seconds. No leveling is needed for this.

 Laminated MDF Top

 This allows smooth, as well as precise cuts to occur. The adjustable laminated MDF face plates give better support. With the help of the tall fence, taller stock can be handled. Dual feather boards give additional control when a feeding stick happens across the table. 

 Handy onboard storage

This is good for holding router bits as well as spare parts.

  • Ultra-portable design
  • Easy Click router mounting system
  • Onboard storage
  • No assembly needed
  • Supplied screws may not work

Final Words

 If you want a router table that is easy to carry around and store, then this will be one of the best router tables Australia for you. 

4. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router TableFor those that have a good, cast iron table saw and similar workbenches, then this is a really high-quality extension, which is very durable as well as sturdy. It is, therefore, one of the best router table Australia and has the following top features:

 Easy to fit

 The router table is easy to fit on an existing bench. However, you need to know that this table must be at least around 27 inches deep as well as one and a half inches thick. This will help you get a good fit. 

 Professional grade

 The router table is a good professional grade choice for those looking for a high-quality router table that is one of the best router table Australia. It is also good for smaller jobs. The cast iron material allows the bench to be hard-wearing as well as gives a smooth surface that you can work on. The company gives you a lifetime warranty. 


 The portability of this router table allows it to be good for those who want to save space. 

  • Made of cast iron
  • Good for small spaces
  • An attractive limited lifetime warranty
  • Check out its size carefully and whether it will fit 

Final Words

 For those who want to save space and want a good quality table that is one of the best router tables, Australia, consider this one. It is able to fit other tables. You can move it around easily and also store it when you are not using it. It is sturdy due to the cast iron material. 

5. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171This is another Bosch best router table, Australia. It has a cabinet-style design and made of aluminum. It has the below top features:

 Dust-collection ports

 There are two dedicated and helpful dust-collection ports. There is one port located at the fence along with one at the cabinet. This helps maximum dust management to occur.

 Adjustable weatherboards

 These are easy-to-use. You can attach this to the fence as well as table, giving extra guidance along with kickback protection. 

 Cabinet style design

 This is a good design for those wanting stability, storage, as well as dust containment to occur. It features a smooth laminated type of top that helps this occur. This makes it one of the best router tables in Australia.

 Aluminum makes

This router table has an extra tall aluminum fence. It has adjustable MDF faceplates as well as feather boards that give precision and versatility. There is a rigid aluminum mounting plate. 

  • Good for large projects
  • There are two dust collection areas
  • Is an adjustable and customizable router table
  • Limited one year warranty

Final Words

 This is one of the best router tables Australia if you want one which works well with larger projects. With the help of the tall fence, you can get more freedom to adjust this router table to individual projects.


 Routers are important tools for those who want to up their woodworking game. This is because they let you develop more unique shapes as well as grooves in items. The best router table Australia is necessary if you want to do this safely as well as efficiently. There are many products, and you will definitely want the perfect one from these. You should get the one that is suited to your needs. Look at the space that you have, as well. This is important. 

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