Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill Guide

Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill

Two Point Hospital’s second hospital is known as Rotting Hill. Rotting Hill was once a trash dump that is now a struggling hospital. An incredibly harsh environment, large debts, and damaged equipment make it very difficult for the hospital to carry out efficiently and successfully. Establishing a strong understanding of the game and proper management … Read more

Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie Boss Guide

Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie Boss

Demi-Human Queen Maggie is an optional boss in the Elden Ring, defeat which can be skipped only if you’re interested and inclined to collect loot from her. There is detailed information on where to find Queen Maggie in the Elden Ring in the following guidebook. Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie Location The hermit village in … Read more

Two Point Hospital Hogsport Guide

Two Point Hospital Hogsport

Hogsport is the very first hospital on the planet you will come across except for Two Point Hospital. This Hospital is where you will begin your enormous clinic occupation. Welcome to Hogshead Hospital in Two Point Hospital, where you will find all the best information regarding your treatment and recovery. For example, think of the … Read more

Warframe: Which One Choose Drifter or Operator?


Warframe is a superb action-adventure game, and gaming industry professionals Warframe, Digital Extremes, and Panic Button Games continue to make expansions and improvements to keep players interested and invested.  One of the recently released add-on packs, The New War, brings new locations, items, quests, and warframes to the battle. While walking through the quests, you … Read more