Dirt Bikes for Girls 2023

Girls too! I’m always happy when ladies are keen on dirt biking since it promotes and supports this as a family-friendly activity. This guide will show you the most suitable dirt bikes for girls, no matter if you’re new, small or tall, or an experienced. I’ve taught a lot of girls to ride a dirt bike through many years, and I understand how crucial it is to begin with the correct size and kind of bike.

What’s the best size Dirt Bicycle for Women?

The size of the dirt bike is crucial for females who are just beginning to learn. If you’re the first rider, you’ll need to be able to reach the ground at least one foot, as it helps build confidence. The ability to trust your instincts is crucial when learning to ride, and learning the correct riding technique can boost confidence.

Simple Sizing Based on Height

If you’re a short female (5’2 or less) then an average seat height of 31 inches should fit perfectly. It’s usually the 125cc 4-stroke trail bike.

Ladies average size (5’2”-5’6) may require slightly higher seat in between the 30 and 34” age range.

Sizing Based on Experience

If you’re beginner, then you want to start with an easier dirt bike. Being able to get your feet on the ground is essential to gaining confidence immediately. This is the case whether you’re a boy or girl trying to learn to ride the dirt bike.

When you master the fundamentals and master you’re riding skills it will become easier to control and balance your bike more effectively. The better rider you are, the less of a difference to make an impact on the size of dirt bike you’re riding because you’ll only have to touch the ground when you come to the stop.

Dirt Bikes for Girls that are Suitable

This list is suitable for males too, but since girls are typically smaller and weaker at the beginning I’ve made these my most secure advice. I would like you to begin your journey in a safe manner to avoid crashing and then stop riding. We need more women on dirt bikes!

The best dirt bikes for girls include:

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

The Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners Females

The most suitable dirt bike for new female riders would be it’s the Kawasaki KLX140L and KLX140G. The choice of model is based on your height.

The KLX140L is a fantastic dirt bike that is suitable for shorter to average-sized women who are brand new to dirt biking. It features a low seat high, is light with an electric start and is extremely easy to ride.

The KLX140G is the exact identical bike, but it has full size wheels (21 inches front and 18 inches rear). The larger wheel does not just make the seat taller for larger riders, but is also able to handle bigger obstacles better.

The transition to small (19/16″”) in size to larger wheels is a significant difference when you are trail riding. Moving over logs and rocks is much more straightforward due to the nature of a bigger diameter. A larger wheel is able to roll over the same obstacles using lesser effort than the smaller wheel.

What is it that makes the KLX140 Good for Girls?

I am a fan of the KLX140L so that I purchased an extra one to gift my spouse. I’ve personally experienced these bikes

If you keep it and take it out frequently to ensure that the carb does not become dirty The KLX140 is an easy and reliable, yet effective bike. Its electric start function is magic. Many other dirt bikes are equipped with it however, having the magic button is absolutely vital if you’re just starting out as a female rider.

It can be difficult to kick start for riders who are new and, in particular, women (ask me how I can tell) Therefore, a push button start isn’t something to be concerned about when you have so much already happening when you first start off on the road.

The suspension is comfortable and soft for the majority of riders. The shock can be adjusted and the forks are adequate firmness, but don’t feel like pogo sticks.

The engine is as smooth as you can get that is great to build confidence. You shouldn’t have a jerky and powerful engine when you try to master the throttle and clutch control.

Warning if you’re looking for a bike for Your Woman, Your Friend or Daughter

You might be looking through this article because you’re trying to find the ideal bike for a woman you love. I’m here to assure you that getting your girl on the wrong bicycle for them to begin out is among the fastest ways to drive away from dirt bikes.

Based on my experiences I’ve noticed that females tend to be a bit more cautious (men may be as well) and are more afraid of being injured while riding.

Beginning to ride a bike that is too powerful is the perfect opportunity to cause injury or cause them to feel extremely uncomfortable as they aren’t able to control the bike.

Learning to use the throttle and the clutch using your hands is as easy in principle like driving a car however, the muscle memory doesn’t exist.

A simple flick of your wrist and you’ll go off into the woods.

Bottom line

Beware of any motocross bikes or bikes with a capacity greater than 250cc for an untrained rider.



The Best Dirt Bikes for Girls (Short Females)

Girls are smaller as a norm, so it’s a best idea to choose lighter, smaller dirt bike.

The Yamaha TTR125 and the Honda CRF125F are fantastic bikes women who aren’t as tall. Start with an easier dirt bike can help build your confidence faster, particularly in the beginning stages of learning proper method of riding.

The specifications are identical in weight, and are just a pound or less from the other. The CRF125F large wheel seat heat however, is nearly an inch smaller. It also comes with fuel injection, while TTR 125 still has a carburetor.

The best dirt bike for intermediate level Girls

In the direction of a bigger bike, the new Kawasaki KLX230R comes with all the attributes of a top trail bike. The four-stroke air-cooled engine produces smooth power that is easy to ride, dirt bikes for girls. The fuel injection takes away the stress of jetting the carb at a different elevation or in different climate. E-start is now the norm which means you don’t have to fret about starting the KLX230.

It’s not the tiniest bike on the market but for those who are taller or bigger the difference isn’t noticeable until you crash and need to get it back up.

Be sure to purchase the 230R and not the 230 street dual sport models.

Honda’s CRF250F can be a great alternative if you’re bleeding red. It’s slightly bigger and heavier, but it delivers excellent, smooth power using the fuel-injected 250cc four stroke.

A Bigger Dirt Bikes for Women with Experience

Are you already riding and are looking to improve your level? KTM’s 200 XCW used be my top recommendation for this type of advice, however KTM have put an end to their 200cc 2-stroke for trails biking and dirt bikes for girls.

You can enter the Beta 200RR.

It’s exactly what it is that the KTM was, and much more for an intermediate-level enduro bike. The frame is a bit smaller than an MX or enduro bike, making it more comfortable to ride. However, it’s perfectly capable of handling the most challenging single track trails due to its smooth and powerful engine.

The E-start system and oil injection relieve the stress and lets you be more focused on having fun while having more time on the seats.

Seat Height too tall or short?

Lowering the seat’s height is a popular mod you can make in the event that you buy a bicycle which is too tall for your comfort. This list outlines the most popular ways for lowering the height of your bike height so that you can get to the ground more comfortably.

However it could be that you bought an old dirt bike that’s slightly cramped and you would like to make it appear larger prior to purchasing a new one. This guide will show you easy and cost-effective ways to make your riding experience appear bigger, and also some tips for riding to improve you’re riding skills!

How can you become a better and safer rider in a short time?

If you’ve decided on a dirt bike you want it’s time to figure out how to ride it properly! I’m going to teach you the fundamental riding skills that you must master to quickly increase your confidence and ensure your safety on your dirt bike.

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