Do iPads Come With Apple Pencil? Guide

Apple Pencil: This is an amazing accessory that you can use to enhance the iPad’s experience.

The Apple Pencil is a handy tool for content creators and artists, especially when it comes to creating better content.

So why aren’t iPads standard with Apple Pencils instead?

Do iPads Come With Apple Pencil

This is what you need to know about iPads and the Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil is not included with iPads. Apple sells the stylus separately, and even offers a warranty. The Apple Pencil is not required by most iPad users, so it’s sold separately.

Apple Pencil works only on compatible iPads. iPad 2 and iPad 3 are not supported. Non-Apple tablets won’t be compatible with both Apple Pencil Generations.

The 1st generation Apple Pencil can only be charged with compatible lightning chargers and Apple devices. Without a compatible iPad, the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil will not charge. These styluses can be quite costly, but they are well worth it.

Why Does Apple Not Sell The Apple Pencil With The iPads?

Apple does not bundle the iPad with the Apple Pencil because most users will not use the Pencil everyday.

An Apple Pencil, a tool that allows iPad users to perform specific tasks such as drawing or designing, is unique. Apple Pencil is sold separately because it has a different warranty.

Which iPads Works With Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil will work on many modern iPads. Some older iPads won’t work because they have an older technology.

As of the writing of this article, Apple Pencils 1st and 2nd Generation only work with certain iPads. It is possible that third-generation Apple Pencils might work with all iPads. However, that remains to be confirmed.

In 2 Apple generations, these are the compatible Apple Pencils and iPads:

1st Generation Apple Pencil

  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad Air (3rd Gen)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (1st and 2nd Gen)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad mini (5th Gen)
  • iPad (7th Gen)
  • iPad (6th Gen)
  • iPad (8th Gen)

2nd Generation Apple Pencil

  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st Gen and later)
  • iPad Air (4th Gen)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Gen and later)

Can Regular iPads Use Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is supported by almost all iPad models. The Apple Pencil cannot be used with an iPad 2 or a regular iPad 2 because they have older technology.

How Do I Know If My iPad Is Compatible With The Apple Pencil?

The test to check whether your iPad is compatible with Apple support can be found on their website. Your iPad should be listed on their official list of compatible devices.

We’ve also published a list below to assist you determine the particular type of model # your device happens to be compatible with.

Can I Use My iPad Apple Pencil With Other Tablets?

If you use an Apple Pencil with another tablet, it will not work. Apple Pencil is designed to work only with Apple devices, such as AirPods and Apple Watches.

In order for you to use the Pencil, your tablet needs to be on the approved device list for Apple Pencils. Apple Pencils are compatible with Apple iPads only, and do not function as on other compatible tablets.

Why Is The Apple Pencil So Expensive?

An Apple Pencil could cost up to four times what a normal stylus is routinely sold for. There are various reasons for that.


Apple Pencils allow you to accurately simulate using a pencil or pen. You can also modify the strokes of your Apple Pencil easily. On top of that, you can use your Apple Pencil to erase, undo, or redo drawn or written designs and information. Their operation is seamless regarding drawing and design work.


The Apple Pencil is among the lightest styli on the marketplace. Using it, you get a lightweight experience. Furthermore, it makes light contact with your iPad surface. A light stroke on your iPad display and you can begin making a sketch or drawing.


Compared to other styluses on the market, Apple Pencils feature an excellent finish. The tip of the Apple Pencil has an excellent and long-lasting finish that is virtually difficult to scratch your iPad screen.

Brand Reputation

The remarkable trait of the Apple Pencil is due to the high caliber of its research and an engineering plan that guarantees continuous improvement. This is a consequence of Apple’s indefatigable quest for excellence and constant pursuit of innovation.

Besides using premium materials to make Apple Pencils, namely, Apple uses these materials to position itself as a high-end brand. Apple Pencils aren’t cheap as a result.

Do You Need An Apple Pencil For An iPad?

Anyone on a small budget who doesn’t utilize a stylus for specialized tasks on your iPad is probably fine without any Apple Pencil. Another thing is that if you’re an Apple enthusiast, it’s not necessary, but it will be nice to have one.

It’s not a bad idea for anyone to get their hands on an Apple Pencil. Even the most basic iPad users will find some use in Apple Pencils themselves.

However, illustrators and writers who use Apple products will find the Apple Pencil useful in their work. The stylus can help stimulate your intellect, stimulating creativity and inspiration. On top of that, Apple Pencils provide additional capabilities not obtainable on an iPad without an Apple Pencil stylus.

How Do I Connect The Apple Pencil With An iPad?

When connecting any Apple Pencil to your iPad, make sure that the tip is compatible and charges evenly. Additionally, ensure the Apple Pencil charges completely prior to use to minimize potential pairing issues.

Your first generation of Apple Pencil.

  • Beneath the cover of the lightning connector, insert it after removing the cap.
  • The Pair button pops out. Tap it and you’re done.
  • Your Apple Pencil will maintain its connection unless you use Airplane Mode on your iOS device or restart your iPad. Pairing it with another device will also disconnect it.

For the second Apple Pencil generation.

  • Use a magnetic adaptor to plug it in.
  • The new model of these pencils can link your tablet to your Mac faster than its predecessor because you’ll be using state-of-the-art technology.

If your Apple Pencil can’t support your device, here is what to do.

  • Restart your iPad.
  • Uncap your first-generation Apple Pencil and remove the magnetic connector. For a second generation Pencil, ensure that the magnetic connector is in contact with the Apple Pencil.
  • Go to the iPad’s Settings screen, then locate  Bluetooth  and turn it on.
  • Scroll through your device list and locate your Apple Pencil.
  • If you find it, tap the button and long-press it to Discard This Device.
  • Now, return to the device list and wait while you see a Pair  Button.
  • Return to the connection menu by tapping the Pair button.
  • If the Pair button doesn’t pop up, attempt to recharge your Apple Pencil and retry.

How Do I Charge My Apple Pencil Without An iPad?

For the first generation of Apple Pencils, it’s traditional.

Direct your Pencil device to an appropriate power cable to recharge it. You can use your Apple iPhone to charge your Pencil, as it also has a similar lightning connector.

However, these devices can only work with first-generation Apple Pencils.

The second generation of the Apple Pencils is slightly better than the first-generation Apple Pencils.

Apple Pencils cannot be charged without an iPad Pro that is revamped in 2018 or afterward. You can do so by connecting magnetic connectors to iPads produced in past years.

They do not have any special Lightning connectors, so they won’t be able to plug into a charger or your iPhone. They may also not support wireless charging.

Is An Apple Pencil Worth It?

There are various advantages of a Apple Pencil. These features are for both regular iPad users and professional artists and creators. Here are some of those benefits.

Drafting or Sketching

Designers and content creation specialists used many kinds of instruments before the release of the Apple Pencil. These devices were not always efficient. After releasing the Apple Pencil, things started to get easier for these people, who used hands or other styluses for creating their designs.

Using the Apple Pencil to sketch down notes, or draw, recreates that exact same experience, as does the pencil. Moreover, it has an irreversible characteristic of transcribing handwritten notes.

Your Apple Pencil will assist you read better with important applications and a thick pencil. You learned about an interesting quote or paragraph? Great, your Apple Pencil will emphasize or underline it. You can make notes and scribble ideas with a few moves from your Apple Pencil.

They are convenient for use with your fingertip, but Apple Pencils make it even easier.

Virtual Control

With the capabilities Apple Pencil brings to your table, you are better able to maintain more control over your iPad. Sometimes, making use of your fingertips for specific tasks is quite frustrating.

An Apple Pencil makes it easy to complete any task. The Pencil’s precision is better and the size of its pointer makes it simple to select an object, drag it or open it. It is the closest thing to a mouse, but it doesn’t feel like one.

Digital Board For Presentation

You can use the Notability app on your iPad, an Apple Pencil and your iPad to display your notes on any big screen that supports AirPlay. Your iPad can be used to create immersive presentations for educators and facilitators. You can project your iPad onto a larger screen or use a compatible projector in larger rooms to get the desired result.

Making Browsing A Fun Activity

Your Apple Pencil can make your browsing experience more engaging. While you don’t necessarily need it for this purpose the Apple Pencil can help make your browsing experience more enjoyable. The Apple Pencil allows you to hover over images and scroll through articles. It often plays the same role that your finger.

Final Thoughts

Make sure that your Apple Pencil is compatible with your device before you buy one. You’ll be able to avoid any functionality issues.

You can also charge your Apple Pencil seamlessly and use it for creative work and artistry. The Apple Pencil is the best alternative to any other device.


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