How Fast Does a Razor Dirt Bike Go

Razor is a reputable manufacturer that makes one of the most ride-friendly dirt bikes for kids, teenagers, and adults on the market. Their dirt bikes are not the fastest ones on the market, which is why they’re much safer than most of their competition. What speed can a Razor dirt bike cover?

How Fast Does a Razor Dirt Bike Go

250w and 350w Razor dirt bikes feature a top speed of 14 mph, while 500w and 650w bikes are able to hit as much as 15 and 17 mph respectively, under ideal conditions. The top speed of a dirt bike depends on the motor size, weight, terrain, battery life, and range.

Dirt racing engines typically do not go much faster than 20 miles per hour, so they are relatively safe to bike on. They’re available in different variations including motocross and street bike types.

Let’s analyze the factors that determine Razor dirt bike speed and the top speeds of the different models.

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Razar Bike MX 400 Dirt Rocket Ride

Factors Determining How Fast a Razor Dirt Bike Goes

A Razor dirt bike ‘s top speed essentially depends on the five factors listed here.

1. Motor Size

Razor dirt bikes like many other dirt bikes depend on the motor size to attain top speed. Bigger motors often lead to faster speeds and can sometimes extend run time by a few minutes.

For instance, a 250w dirt bike may reach a top speed of 14 mph. But, you may be able to expect a top speed of 17 mph from a 500w Razor dirt bike.

Interestingly, larger-sized dirt bikes not only go faster, but they have a longer battery life. For example, while 250-watt dirt bikes have a 30-35 minute run time, 500-watt and 650-watt razor dirt bikes reach an average of 40-50 minutes on a full charge.

The following table here illustrates the motor size differences among the Razor dirt bikes.

Razor Dirt Bike Motor Size Top Speed (mph) Top speed (kph) Runtime 
250w 14mph 22.5kph 30 – 35 min
350w 14mph 22.5kph 30 – 35 min
500w 15mph 24kph 40 min
650w 15–17mph 24-27kph 40 – 50 min

2. Rider’s Weight

Every Razor dirt bike has a maximum weight restriction. You mustn’t exceed the limit, but you should be careful not to be so light that you don’t know how to control the bike.

3. Terrain

Razor dirt bikes come in MX and SX Motocross (MX and SX) and Street Racing (RSF) choices to match varying surfaces. A Razor MX or SX dirt bike will start until it reaches its top speeds on dirt and racing tracks, and a Razor RSF can be used in the streets.

When you find a racing bike that’s straight for your terrain, you’ll be satisfied with it. For example, the Razor MX350 (available on Amazon) will accelerate up to fourteen miles per hour on dirt tracks and motocross courses.

Get yourself a Razor RSF350 (view on Amazon) to excel at such speed on the road. Likewise, you can’t do 14 mph off-road using an RSF350 as using an MX350.

Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike - SX350, SX500, MX350, MX650 Models

4. Runtime

One essential thing to not forget is that the duration of race output can determine how long a Razor dirt bike can run at top speed. None of the Razor electric dirt bikes can run for more than 50 minutes on one charge.

Note that these dirt bikes will not go at a constant top speed for 30 to 50 minutes. They will hit maximum speed for approximately half the time.

5. Range

Let’s now turn our attention to travel range (distance traveled). Generally, more powerful engines (larger motors) have a greater travel distance to match their high speed.

The less time it takes you to go, the shorter the runtime and the time to travel. So, you won’t be able to travel at the fastest speed possible.

According to Type, How Fast Does a Razor Dirt Bike Go?

Let’s now look at the top speeds of the dominant models of Razor dirt bikes by examining the factors determining their speeds. These include the following.

  • MX350
  • SX350
  • RSF350
  • MX400
  • MX500
  • SX500
  • RS650
  • MX650

How Fast Does a Razor Mx350 Go?

The Razor MX350 Dirt Bike (on Amazon) has a maximum speed of 14 mph in ideal circumstances. Since it is an old motocross dirt bike, the ideal conditions are motocross and dirt racing courses.

The dirt bike’s maximum range for this particular model is 7 miles, and it reaches a maximum of 30 minutes when running. It hovers at 14 mph chiefly thanks to its powerful 250w single-speed motor and 24v lead-acid battery.

The Razor dirt bike can be a great choice for teens 13 years and up with a maximum weight of 140 pounds (or 63 kg). Razor Razor’s dirt bike is a great option for off road adventures your young adventurer will enjoy.

Razor MX350 Dirt Bike

1. How Fast Does a Razor SX350 Go?

Depending on usage, Razor SX350 (see an Amazon search), like Razor MX 350, can can hit a maximum velocity of 14 mph, even if on pavement. Like its sibling, the optimal conditions are off-road.

The Razor SX350 also offers greater than a 7-mile range, and a 30-minute runtime, all thanks to its 250w single-speed motor and 24v lead-acid battery.

Any kid aged 13 and up should be able to drive the electric-engine dirt bike, which is inspired by the most well-known motocross racer named Jeremy McGrath. Therefore, when you purchase the Razor SX350, you’re ensuring your child a legendary dirt bike.

Razor SX350

2. How Fast Does a Razor RSF350 Go?

Now, while Razor MX350 and SX350 are perfect options for off-road riding, the Razor RSF350 (View on Amazon) is great for street riding. On the street, this vehicle can hit a top speed of 14 mph.

Street dirt bikes have a maximum battery running time of 35 minutes and a maximum distance traveled of 8 miles.

Bearing in mind the city surroundings, it’s excellent for trips throughout the city on short distances. The motor’s 250w single-speed driver and 24v lead-acid batteries are conducive to high-speed journeys.

Perfect for riders aged 13 and up, the street dirt bike is well-suited for smaller riders and weighs no more than 140 pounds.

 Razor RSF350

3. How Fast Does a Razor MX400 Go?

The Razor MX400 (available on Amazon) is a top performing motocross racing dirt bike with a top speed of 14 mph. This dirt bike, similar to the SX350, MX350, and RSF350, has a 24v battery, but its motor size is 350 watts.

Due to its slightly bigger motor size, this dirt bike can travel a maximum of 10 miles. It has a maximal battery runtime of 30 minutes. This bike can also ride on sidewalks and streets, but it prefers to go off-road due to its stronger engine.

It’s perfect for 13-year-olds and up to 140 pounds but calorie intake allowed is for riders up to the age of 13.

Razor MX400

4. How Fast Does the Razor Sx500 Go?

The Razor SX500 (View on Amazon) is another amazing sports bike, inspired by the prosperous motocross racer Mike McGrath. The motorcycle runs for 40 minutes and has average speed of 15 mph in ideal conditions.

It’s suitable for teens starting at age 14 and adults weighing under 175 pounds. It comes with a powerful 36-volt lead-acid battery that allows it to run for up to four hours.

The electric motocross bike is well-suited to a ride, thanks to its pneumatic tires, riser handlebars, and dual suspension.

Razor SX500

5. How Fast Does a Razor MX500 Go?

Razor MX500 (available on promises optimum speed at 15 mph even during perfect off-road racing conditions. The electric dirt bike has a endurance rating of 40 minutes thanks to its 36V lead-acid battery, and the reason for its impressive top speed is its 650-watt variable speed motor.

The Razor dirt bike is good for riders coming from ages 14 but not exceeding a maximum weight of 175 pounds. With two high-energy batteries lasting up to 12 hours and periods of 40 minutes, the bike is best for casual mountain biking rides.

The dirt bike is forgiving enough to allow both children and adults to ride comfortably because of dual suspension, soft grips, and pneumatic tires.

Razor MX500

6. How Fast Does a Razor Mx650 Go?

Razor MX650 (available on has a top speed of 17 miles per hour, making it among the faster Razor motocross bikes, in addition to Razor RS650.

Mostly, this helmet’s powerful 650 watt variable speed motor is to thank for its high performance. It has an 36-volt battery, which gives it an approximate runtime of 40 minutes on a single charge.

Giving up to 16, the Razor dirt bike is perfect for teenagers and adults. Its maximum load capacity, however, is restricted to 220 pounds, which makes it one of the more heavy-duty electric dirt bikes.

If you have the Razor MX650, you enjoy its ability to deal with waste as well as jump around on land and in the water. It is perfect if you were searching for an all-terrain bike to penetrate as tough of situations as possible.

Razor MX650

7. How Fast Does a Razor RS650 Go?

The Razor RS650 (available on Amazon) displays a top speed of 17 miles per hour due to a 650w variable speed electric motor.

The Razor dirt bike has a combined 36-volt battery, giving it an operating time of 50 minutes. This has made it the longest-range Razor dirt bike.

The RS650 razor is well-suited for individuals aged 16 and up with varying weight loads, thanks to its 220-pound weight limit. This is the ideal choice for heavy adults and teenagers.

The dirt bike has a conventional street geometry, riser handlebars, and a low-profile windscreen that allows you to take the most comfortable street-riding experience.

 Razor RS650

The general public also typically ask a question.

1. How Fast Does A 24 Volt Razor Dirt Bike Go?

24-volt Razor dirt bikes can reach speeds of 14 mph on streets and motocross tracks. However, the performance of the rider determines the maximum speed.

2. How Fast Does A 650 Razor Dirt Bike Go?

The MX650 and RS650 Razor strike a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour when operated at top speeds. When operated off-road, the MX650 will reach its maximum speed, while Razor RS650 will be capable of maintaining such a speed on the streets.

3. What Is Razor’s Fastest Dirt Bike?

The fastest Razors dirt bikes are the Razor MX650 and Razor RS650. Both dirt bikes can reach a top speed of 17 miles per hour under ideal conditions. The Razor RS650 can reach top speeds on streets while the Razor MX650 will attain it on motocross tracks.

4. How Fast Does a Razor Mini Dirt Bike Go?

A Razor mini dirt bike is capable of achieving speeds of up to 14 miles per hour under perfect weather conditions or under optimal rider knowledge. However, it is dependent on factors such as the time of year, rider experience, and weather conditions.

Conclusion – How Fast Does a Razor Dirt Bike Go?

A well-balanced Razor dirt bike can be experiencing a top speed of 14-17 miles per hour under the ideal conditions. However, your height and weight, the bike’s run time, and any topographical obstacles all affect top speed.

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