How to Beat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring: Boss Fight Guide

In the Elden Ring, Recursed Henricus is a powerful and feared boss. He is the powerhouse of Elden Ring. Players must defeat him to restore order to the world. He is a tough one for opponents to overcome, but they will have success since they register their specific strengths against him.

How to Beat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring

If you plan to pass through Frontcross Road in Limgrave, make sure you keep an eye out for a Non-Player Character known as Recusant Henricus. He often wanders in the area north of the damaged bridge. Recusant Henricus can bring great pleasure to your party as the fierce armored warrior he has become.

overcoming this formidable opponent might net you some excellent loot, including a very rare greatsword. So if you have a look around for Recusant Henricus, you might believe it would be thrilling to best him in a fight.

How to Beat Recusant Henricus

Recusant Henricus is a difficult opponent. He is fast and strong, and his greatsword deals massive damage. However, there are ways to defeat him. Here are some tips on how to beat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring.

Hammer Combos

The Henricus Hammer does the same thing as its name implies. It strikes victims with a hammering combo technique, where it strikes them up to four times.

If you are good at avoiding hammers, you’ll ace this techniqueement.

Flaming Smash and Explosion

The impact smash uses a hammer with much less weight, permitting fewer connections to break.

Henricus to produce a more powerful burst. The target area will spurt with power after Henricus plummets his lightened hammer into the ground, injuring any person near it.

You must steer clear of this attack by moving out of the path of the potential for the smash.

Jumping Smash

Towards the end of his leap, Henriricus will be airborne, and will smash his hammer down.

How to Beat Recusant Henricus in Elden Ring? Rolling is the most important key to avoiding jumping with my bad leg.

Henricus has a protracted recovery time from a physical assault. Use this to your advantage and attack promptly. To improve fighting skills, practice using both your hands as a shield and get away from danger. Moreover, you can use Slash, Fire, and Lightning attacks as they are his signature attacks.


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