Monster Moto 1000

The most recent of the recently launched kids’ electric dirt bikes includes the monster moto 1000 mini electric dirt bikes. This dirt bike might look like an ordinary starter bike, but it comes with perks that make it safe for riding and a lot of fun for children. Learn more about these advantages when you read this article.


What is it about the Monster Moto E1000 and who’s it for?

Monster Moto E1000 is a small-sized electric dirt bike that was designed for beginners. While Monster Moto recommends the bike for children 14 years old or more, its compact dimensions suggest that even children as young as 4 are able to operate it.

Monster Moto E1000 Mini Electric Dirt bike Main Features

The Monster Moto 1000 mini electric dirt bike has no other than basic components. As with other starter bikes it does not have any particular characteristics. But, the beginner riders don’t want to invest in high-end components, with high performance. They simply want to learn to ride.

Monster Moto E1000 Battery and Display

The only display that the E1000 comes with is an analog battery indicator located on the right handlebar. This is helpful since parents and riders know when it’s time to turn out and recharge.

A typical 36V lithium power pack supplies the Monster Moto 1000, giving it a very brief operating time of 45 minutes. It’s paired with a terrifying recharge time, which makes it simple to imagine your child becoming bored with the device.

E1000 Frame

The frame of the E1000 is a solid, but easily fixable casting aluminum material that can support as much as 185 pounds riders’ weight. This kind of frame is flexible and resistant to corrosion, meaning you don’t have to fret about letting your kid play through muddy terrain.

The E1000 Motor and Transmission

A Monster Moto OEM 1kW electric motor powers the E1000, with 1.3hp combined with 773 ft-lbs of torque. In spite of the Monster Moto’s huge torque rating it has an easy acceleration that won’t frighten novice riders.

The bike operates on one gear, which means it’s an easy to turn and go type of operation. This is ideal for beginners as they have to concentrate on how to operate the bike before they think about the other control.

E1000 Brakes, Suspension and Brakes

What’s great about Monster Moto’s E1000 electric dirt bike mini is that it comes with disc brakes in the rear. The disc brake is particularly efficient in all types of terrain, whether it’s dry, wet or semi-dry because of their tight grip. It is also possible to use larger disc brakes because the disc connects on the wheels’ hub, rather than to the bike’s frame. Additionally, the weight of the tire will not affect the strength of the brakes enough since brakes are able to grip the middle part of the wheel. This would help in decreasing how much friction required stopping the wheel.

Two negatives are there is no front brake and there is no suspension. This can result in an uncomfortable ride, particularly when riding on bumpy or rocky terrain. Make sure that your child rides on pavement, or dirt that is hard packed, not. The larger wheels do provide a little some suspension but it isn’t enough to make an obvious difference.

E1000 Tires and Wheels

The E1000 rides on normal aluminum wheels that are wrapped in large tubeless tires that provide balance aid. There’s nothing else unique about the wheels in the least.

Monster Moto E1000 Mini Electric Dirt bike Tech Specifications

For a more in-depth overview of Monster Moto 1000, check out the following list:

Manufacturer Name Monster Moto
Model Name E1000
Model Year 2020
Motor Manufacturer Monster Moto
Motor Model Monster Moto 1kW electric motor
Motor Power 1kW (1.3 hp, 73 ft-lbs)
Motor Placement Mid drive
Controller N/A
Power Pack 36V lithium power pack
Battery Capacity 10Ah
Battery Removal Integrated
Range 45 minutes on constant use
Ride Mode 1
Regenerative Braking N/A
Throttle Twist throttle
Gears 1
Top speed 17 mph
Weight 110lbs
Materials Cast aluminum
Seat height 24 inches
Suspension None
Display Battery level indicator on handlebars
Purpose Hard packed dirt, pavement
Connectivity N/A
Security Button operated ignition

Where can I get a Monster Moto E1000 Mini Electric Dirt Bike?

You can purchase Monster Moto 1000 mini electric dirt bike at Monster Moto’s website shop straight away. It’s a guaranteed method of getting a brand new model, as well as the warranty. If it’s not up your style, you could look at Walmart for the bicycle. They provide the same advantages that are listed on the official website of the manufacturer.

Is Monster Moto’s after-sales support what is it like?

Despite having a low 2.7 out of 5 average rating on their Walmart site, Monster Moto 1000 does provide adequate customer support via their dealership web site. Contact them at 800-798-0325 (US) or send them an email via the contact form on their site. They also provide additional online services, such as an order tracking tool and simple return of items.

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