Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike

Are you thinking of buying a mountain bike for trail riding with a tight budget? This Schwinn Boundary review is a must-read.

Everyone wants a mountain bike that is able to tackle any trail. We want it to be durable and light, as well as easy to handle.

Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike

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In many ways, this describes many ways, the Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike.

It’s not often you can find a mountain bike trail under $300, particularly not a Schwinn brand.

It’s a good thing that’s right? But is it a bike worth it?

Like you, I doubted that I would be able to overcome by riding my bicycle. However, now that you’re in this post, I’ll be sharing my own experiences.

The Schwinn Boundary Men’s Mountain Bike Review examines the specifications the best features such as FAQs, pros and cons to this great trail bike.

Therefore, you should be able decide whether this is the right MTB for your trail or not after you’ve read my review.

Let’s start!

Schwinn Boundary Specs

Brand                                 Schwinn

Bike type                             mountain bike

Manufacturer                    pacific cycle

Bike color                            black with green adornment

Frame type                         hydroformed aluminum

Wheel size                          29 inch

Suspension                         80mm travel fork

Drivetrain                            Pro rush 1×7 wide range

Stem length                        70mm

Handlebar width              720mm

Brake type                          Mechanical Disc brake

Rider’s height                    5’4-6’2”

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For Whom Is the Schwinn Boundary Designed For?

Schwinn Boundary is generally designed for casual and entry-level male cyclists that are 5’4′-6’2 tall.

Its geometry for trails along with the Pro Rush 1×7 Wide-Range drivetrain let casual and beginner riders to explore trails with more ease without putting on a show.

If you’re in search of an MTB to move around, workout or running some errands then the Pro Rush 1×7 Wide-Range is an excellent choice.

Schwinn Boundary Mountain Bike Review- Best Features:

Here are some of Schwinn Boundary’s top features that make it an absolute must-have:

1.        A lightweight frame with trail Geometry:

Two factors are important when assessing the frame of a bike strength and weight. It’s good to know that the Schwinn Boundary does not disappoint in both areas.

It is equipped with an aluminum frame made of hydroformed which makes it more durable yet, at the same it is light enough to be considered.

Due to its frame, you are able to tackle the toughest trails more easily. At times, you might not feel the weight of the bike.

Another thing that is impressive is the geometry of the frame. It’s all about “trail-ready,” and you’d like that for your MTB.

2.       Superb Suspension fork

Schwinn Boundary has an upgraded 80mm fork travel suspension that has 32mm diameter, which helps cushion you from bumps.

Overall the suspension forks let you ride on the most difficult terrains and yet feel like you’ve had the most enjoyable ride of your life.

3.        All-Weather Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes

You’re looking for an MTB equipped with strong brakes that ensure exact brakes. Also, you want them to perform in any weather.

Well, that’s disc brakes and what they’re about, and the Schwinn Boundary Bicycle has disc brakes across both of its wheels. This means that whether you ride on wet, loose or even rough terrain you can count reliable stopping capabilities.

4.       Shorter stem and wider handlebar:

More control is essential while riding the trails on mountain bikes. It’s achievable with the shorter stem and wide handlebar.

This trail bike’s 70mm-long stem made of alloy puts the rider in a neutral position so that you can effortlessly and quickly steer the bike.

The handlebar’s width of 720mm however gives you more leverage that allows you to tackle the trails using only minimal force.

The handlebar can also increase the stability of your front end; making you it is more secure. Furthermore, it allows users to ease their shoulders while cycling.

5.       Pro Rush 1×7 Wide-Range Drivetrain with 7-Speed Shifters:

Although that the power transmission of MTB may not the fastest but it’s Pro Rush 1 x 7 speed trigger shift lever allows you to take the most of your trails.

Smooth shifting, even although it’s not the fastest.

It’s unlikely that you are aware of that some high-trail bike models come with this type of design. Also, we can’t forget the 30t chainring, which promises better performance on trails in the outdoors.

The problem is that the flywheel in front seldom adjusts.

6.       Solid 29-inch wheels and Multi-Surface Grip Tires:

You’re looking for a trail bike that is able to speed up faster than your average mountain bike and provides great grip. This Schwinn Boundary 29 tends to offer a bit of both.

Its 29-inch wheels enable you to speed up more effectively and gain more ground, which is perfect for long-distance trails. It also has multi-section tires that give you greater grip on any surface.

7.       Adjustable Seat Post:

This mountain bike will come fitted with an adjustable saddle post, making it ideal for riders that are 5’41-6’2″.

Since the majority of men fall within this range of height it’s not a surprise it’s true that an MTB is a great option for those who want to be adventurous and medium-height.

This is also why this MTB is perfect for male teens to develop by a couple of years.

By adjusting the seat posts, you will be able to enjoy greater efficiency on the pedal. Additionally, it will give you more riding confidence when you are on more difficult trails.

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More Interesting Features – Schwinn Boundary 29 Review

  • Bike Aesthetic

The bike’s frame is predominantly black, a few greet adornments give it a unique look. It also has a thicker fork on the shock fork, in order to appear stronger but also to make it look more elegant.

  • Lifetime Warranty

The cherry on top is the fact that Schwinn Boundary comes with a limited lifetime warranty, similar to any other two-wheel made from Schwinn.

So, the bike is covered from manufacturer-related problems for the rest of its life. Be aware, however, that the protection doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of the bike.

Schwinn Boundary Bike Review – Pros and Cons


  • It’s at a affordable prices.
  •  The frame is not only lightweight, but also stylish and sturdy
  • The seat post can be adjustable to accommodate male riders 5’4”-6’2″
  • The wheels are durable to withstand your weight and roll smoothly over the terrain.
  •  The tires have multi-surface grip, so that makes this MTB an all-terrain option.
  •  The power transmission system 1×7 is decently efficient
  • The mechanical disc brakes will ensure quick stopping in any weather condition.
  • The bike comes with an incredibly shock-absorbing travel fork


  • The pedals are made of plastic and are therefore more likely to break.
  • Although the drivetrain is good for the price, you might require a change to its components since they’re not top-of-the-line.
  • The front chainring smaller, so the bike won’t go all that fast on the road.

Schwinn Boundary 7 Speed Review FAQs

1.       Can I Raise The Mountain Bike Handlebar?

Yes you can raise the handlebar using an extender for the handlebar. A product like that of the Azarxis Bike Stem Extender is an ideal option.

2.       Is The Schwinn Boundary A Good Bike?

It is the Schwinn Boundary has the specs of a great mountain bike that is trail-oriented. It features powerful disc brakes, durable wheels, tires with high-traction, and a sturdier frame.

The most appealing thing is that this bike is priced at a reasonable price. Also, Schwinn Boundary is an excellent bike, particularly for people who don’t ride often.

3.       What Is Schwinn Boundary’s Alternative?

If there’s a mountain bicycle made by Schwinn which can compete with the Schwinn Boundary and perhaps give you more feature but at an extra price, it must be Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike.

It is equipped with powerful disc brakes that are mechanical as well as an aluminum frame and sturdy 29-inch wheels exactly like Schwinn Boundary.

The distinction is that you will gain faster speed (up to 21mph to be exact) and better shock absorption due to the two-suspension system. Its drivetrain also is more powerful, which makes it ideal for committed riders.

As I’ve mentioned that you’ll be paying more to get Schwinn 29. Another option worth considering but not from Schwinn would be the Diamondback Release le. However, if you’re interested in more of the Schwinn bikes’ lust for these bikes, check them out here.

4.       What’s The Recommended Height?

The suggested height for riders on that Schwinn Boundary is S’4″-62N. you can regularly adjust the seat post to contest your height .

5.       What kind of seat will fit onto this bike’s seat post?

The seat post it uses is standard that can be fitted with any MTB saddle, or any other type of saddle that has an existing fitting.

6.       Are the Bike Brakes Mechanical or Hydraulic?

The bike is equipped with disc brakes that are mechanical and they are mounted placed on both the wheels to ensure quick stopping.

Is the Schwinn Boundary Worth Buying? The Verdict

In the Schwinn Boundary review, there is no doubt that the Schwinn Boundary offers you more than you’ll pay for.

The drivetrain and pedals have a lot to improve, the pedals and the drivetrain. The manufacturer compensates with other elements.

This includes its light hydroformed frame, strong wheels, ergonomic handlebars with a powerful suspension, and sharp disc brakes for stopping.

So, it’s well worth its price especially if you’re an intermediate biker or an occasional rider.

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