Trek 3700 Mountain Bike

Trek 3700 is a no-nonsense lightweight machine with a Tektro disk for the brakes and a Shimano 8-speed transmission, Sun tour coil-sprung XCN forks and an impressive frame, in addition to other distinctive features that are sure to provide a wide range of. But, is Trek 3700 mountain bike is reliable?

Trek 3700 Mountain BikeYou are able to use and reuse the bike as often as you like as long as you perform an easy replacement of the brake pad and cable replacement.

It’s a great option for those who have the pleasure of riding them before and who don’t want to pay a lot of money for high-end bikes. If you are looking for a reliable bike that performs well in different conditions but also needs little to zero maintenance, then The Trek 3700 is for you.

Trek 3700 Mountain Bike Specifications

Component Type
Frame Trek alpha aluminum
Front derailleur Shimano TX
Fork SR Suntour XCM along with preload adjustment, 30mm stanchions, 100mm travel and XCN coil springs.
Tires Bontrager LT3, 26 x 2.0”
Rear derailleur Shimano Altus M310
Rims Bontrager 550 36-hole
Bakes Mechanical disc tektro novella
Shifters Shimano Ef51
Cassette 8-speed
Pedals Wellgo nylon platform
Wheel size 26”
Grip Bontrager SSR
Stem Bontrager approved, 25.4mm, 25 degree

Is Trek 3700 A Good Bike? Let’s Investigate the Key Features

Trek 3700 features an array of top-quality components that work together to make a durable mountain bike. They include:

1. Trek Alpha Aluminum Frame

For beginners, they will love the Trek 3700 because of its shorter frame while mountain bikers will appreciate its compact design.

The frame is made from Trek’s lightweight Alpha aluminum tubes that are strong in the appropriate areas. This gives strength to the backbone and connecting the butted head precisely where it’s required. This can help in reducing over-strengthening, without compromising build quality.

It also comes with the rack and mudguard mount which protects your bike from water dirt and other debris.

The head, the downtube, as well as the lower bracket get their toughness and sturdiness from aluminum, and the set-up for the hardtail reduces the weight on the perimeter.

The frame’s design is designed to fit an array of riders, making the bike as user-friendly as it is today; although it’s not a novice mountain bike, it is the perfect introduction riding trails.

The seat stays with wishbones that are an old-fashioned Trek style is Trek 3700’s sole component that’s less reliable and more visually appealing.

Furthermore to that, it is also true that the Alpha aluminum frame will make the bike more durable. If you take care of it you can count on it to last for a long time.

2. Excellent Gear System

Shimano Tourney gears come with an 8-speed cassette as well as triple chainset, which gives you the option of having 24 gears available and can be easily selected with the thumb shifters mounted on bars.

There’s are Suntour XCN forks with coil springs. The stanchions are 30mm with a travel of 100mm with twin adjusters making it simpler to adjust the forks based on the type of experience you prefer which makes the design more adaptable.

It is possible to add a complete rear rack set as well as mudguard mount to finish off the multi-purpose design. Additionally to that, a 14.5kg weight will allow for easier handling and more efficient conversion for lighter use when needed.

3. Bontrager LT3, 26×2.0″ Tires

They offer excellent grip and, because of this they are able to roll swiftly and smooth with vast variety of surfaces, such as roads, rocks, trails and other debris. They open the door to explore all terrains.

4. Tekro Novela Mechanical Disk Brakes

Tekro Novela Mechanical disc brakes are made of wavy style discs that ensure the brakes remain clean out on an adventure. In addition, to use their ideal for large braking with no stopping problems.

They can also aid in easing your riding, even on the dirtiest of terrains like mountain biking, and are robust.

5. Front Suspension

Suspension helps to reduce the roughness its terrain and allows riders to have a smoother, more controlled riding. A bike suspension increases the traction and control as well as the ride on potholed roads and single trails with a lot of sand.

6. Bontrager SSR Grip

These are contented grips that provide your hands a soft coating and the control you require. Additionally, the core is constructed of solid material, which prevents the bars from sliding which ensures your safety when riding.

7. Shimano 8-Speed Transmission

The Bontrager LT3 tires, when paired along with Shimano Eight-speed gearing offer greater flexibility and better traction on simple trails.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Trek 3700


  • They’re equipped with mudguards, which shield them from mud and debris
  • The material that makes up the grip has a dual compound composition that offers an contented grip, and also prevents sliding
  • It’s also affordable.
  • Mountain bike is ideal for beginning riders.
  • Aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable frame.
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • Can accommodate a variety of riders
  • It’s flexible
  • Requires little maintenance


  • It’s difficult to control your speed when you’re downhill.
  • It isn’t exactly the most ideal bike for those who have a lot of experience
  • The seat can be a bit stiff

Is Trek 3700 Mountain Bike Worth Buying?

Trek 3700 is an excellent option for beginners to mountain biking since its inexpensive and offers adequate performance, and can last longer if well maintained.

This MTB tests both the safety and comfort boxes. Apart from being an excellent item, this bike is also very flexible. While experienced, aggressive and off-roaders may be disappointed, this is an ideal bike for people who aren’t as demanding.

It is possible to purchase this Trek 3700 for a great cost and enjoy it through mountainous terrains as well as urban roads with ease. In addition, It also provides the kind of comfort that is difficult to achieve with a different MTB.

But, Trek 3700 is unquestionably worth every cent.

Alternately, you can purchase a Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bicycle designed for riders aged 13 over and comes with an extremely light frame, front suspension and 21 speeds. It’s well-equipped to be able to handle trails with ease.


1. How Much Is A Trek 3700 Worth?

The cost of the Trek 3700 is based on its condition, its private value for parties, as well as the value of trade-in. For instance Trek 3700 that is in great condition is expected to cost $54 in value for private parties and $38 for trade-in value.

A Trek 3700 that is in good condition is about $41 as private party value , and $28 for trade-ins as well, while one in good condition costs $34 for the private party, and $20 for trade-in.

2. How Much Does A Trek 3700 Weigh?

A Trek 3700 bike weighs 32 pounds (14.5 Kg).

3. What Speed Is A Trek 3700?

A trek 3700 is a 24-speed MTB.

4. What Size Frame Is A Trek 3700?

Trek 3700 is available in 13-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 19.5-inch, 21-inch, and 22.5inch frames.

5. What Kind Of Bike Is A Trek 3700?

Trek 3700 is a mountain bike that provides a flexible and comfortable riding on trails and roads. Its linear-pull brakes give you a good grip and the 21-speed drivetrain that allows for rapid shifts assure you of full control of your bike and can enjoy the ride.

In Conclusion, Is Trek 3700 mountain bike a Good?

Trek 3700 mountain bike is a versatile and budget-friendly MTB perfect for those who want to experience an unforgettable journey in the mountains. By combining Bontrager and Shimano components, it guarantees your safety and your comfort.

While it’s not attractive to experienced riders, spare parts are easily accessible.

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