Two Point Hospital Hogsport Guide

Hogsport is the very first hospital on the planet you will come across except for Two Point Hospital. This Hospital is where you will begin your enormous clinic occupation.

Welcome to Hogshead Hospital in Two Point Hospital, where you will find all the best information regarding your treatment and recovery. For example, think of the following amenities this hospital has to offer: This hospital’s staff has been awarded the certifications for top-quality patient care and training. If you’d like this hospital to be your local hospital of choice, discover more.

Two Point Hospital Hogsport

Two Point Hospital Best Layout For Hogsport

The main divisions of the basic rooms in Two Points Hospital Hogsport include the General Diagnosis Room, General Practice Office, Pharmacy, Ward, Staff Room, and Toilets.

You’ll also get the De-Luxe clinic to render help for severe lightheadedness. These are the fundamental rooms you will run into in the standard design of the Hogsports.

There are many factors to consider in the process of deciding on the layout for Hogsport. First, you will need to figure out how much you can spend safely to increase the level of care in your hospital, and therefore how much you’ll need to invest in staffing improvements to the existing foundation of resources you control.

If you’re thinking of managing a medical care facility which is regarded as a three star facility, then it would be a fantastic solution for you because you get many options and are capable of creating the ideal layout for Hogsport on your own.

Hogsport Star Objectives

Hogsport 3 Star Hospital

Hogsport 1 Star Objectives

  • Cure 3 Patients with Lightheadedness


  • Unlocks Lower Bullocks (Level) and Lightheaded Poster
  • $10,000 Bonus
  • 100 Kudosh

Hogsport 2 Star

  • Cure 25 Patients
  • Earn $200,000
  • Get Hospital Level to 6


  • Unlocks: Salty Snacks Machine
  • $20,000 Bonus
  • 150 Kudosh

Hogsport 3 Star Objectives

  • Cure 30 Patients
  • Earn $400,000
  • Hospital Value of $750,000


  • Unlocks Newsagent
  • $30,000 Bonus
  • 200 Kudosh

Hogsport Staff Training Tips

Another mechanic that promotes Two Point Hospital is the receptionist, who you can train after reaching level three. Don’t worry about your staff right now; just train them.

Make sure to improve the ways in which it’s able to articulate feelings, reason, and dexterity. As a Doctor, you ought to consider boosting its favorability with integrated skills like General Practice and Diagnostics.

You can train a Janitor to increase their abilities in areas such as Mechanics, Maintenance, Stamina Training, and Emotional Intelligence. The Janitor can repair machines and enhance the durability of other products that rely on them by developing and boosting their Mechanical abilities.

The janitorial staff is the Hospital’s heart and soul, so you’ll have to invest in it with care to keep it running smoothly.

You have to think about ways to reduce their workload. You can put the fire extinguisher in their necessary room, so that they do not have to run that much during an emergency.

When you’re able to help the staff in the Health Facility increase their abilities, enhance the functionality of all the workers here.

Hogsport: How to Manage Staff Morale

To keep your mental health care technicians inspired in Two Point Hospital Hogsport, it’s crucial to make certain you are caring for their needs. Even if you’re paying them less than you might, you have to ensure they get the basic needs that they require.

You can obtain a staff area where they can unwind. The staff room needs to be equipped with benches, a Leaflet Stand dispenser, a Drink Machine, and a Snack machine.

Before providing these facilities, make sure you have the requisite bins nearby as well. So not just for your workers, be certain there are such locations for your patients.

If patients are not happy, they will choose to receive another health care from elsewhere. If so, implement whatever possible to increase the staff member’s salary to make them happier.

Hogsport Walkthrough

The first level you’ll go through is the lesson level. You should learn simple medical care skills, such as curing common ailments. You probably obtain a 10% increase in happiness from the Hogsport is lovely ┬átrait.

Hospital staff members and patients alike will be able to acquire 10 extra happiness after the renovation. Then, you will be needed to pick the employees for your Hospital. At the start, you shouldn’t hire staff who have a high level of expertise.

You could begin by beginning with a couple of award designations. It would be ideal if they were multiple certificates for the exact same medical specialty from GP1 to GP2.

The advantage is that without instruction, they’ll obtain much better when their promotion is around.

As your staff members reach a specific XP level, your computer screen prompts a raise. No need to promote if your budget is limited. Create an advertisement schedule for your strategies and do what you wish at that time.

The team will suffer a prestige loss of -5 if you give them that promotion, but if you have 10 prestige points extra on it, you can ignore that. If you give them a promotion, they are happy, but your leftover balance will fall rapidly.

To begin with, you need to play through all the game’s levels until you have all 3 stars. These will allow you to unlock various upgrades, powerups, and other beneficial items to benefit from this gaming segment further.

You ought to do that during this gaming stage to achieve better results in the long run. This will remedy your patient much more effectively, and the Hospital will proceed quickly.

You will see injuries now that require multiple treatment rooms. Build your Hospital to a 3-star rating and receive 5 to 7 patients of what that same illness may require for treatment.

Just at that moment, you will want to add more workers as well so that you can take on additional quests. Simply pause the game right now to accomplish that. Use the Pick-Up option to move these individuals where they’re needed.

It’s possible for you to take every opportunity during an emergency as long as you have adequate staff and different equipment on hand. There’s not any reason these patients would die because the timer ran out and you failed to provide them with treatment.

Make sure that you’re able to treat at least one-half the difficulties of the patients that your clinic takes in. Just ensure that you take care of the health problems of at least two-thirds the patients you’re attracted to.

The higher the star rating of a certain point, the more challenging it will be. Try to not handle emergencies if you have not started your career as an actor at a high enough level, such as 3.

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