Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill Guide

Two Point Hospital’s second hospital is known as Rotting Hill. Rotting Hill was once a trash dump that is now a struggling hospital.

Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill An incredibly harsh environment, large debts, and damaged equipment make it very difficult for the hospital to carry out efficiently and successfully. Establishing a strong understanding of the game and proper management are keys to operating the hospital effectively.

The best staff at Rotting Hill, their objectives, and how to deal with personnel including training them, improving their morale, and dominating the ice hockey squad.

Best Layout For Rotting Hill

Rotting Hill consists mostly of orderly rows, each measuring three by 300 feet. The number of patients inside is incredibly high; therefore, the first plot has to mainly display GP offices and a few examination rooms. The second plot is the adjacent treatment area. Decorating small 3-by-3 rooms in the center of that plot allows hospital management to be more efficient.

The most significant facet of this hospital’s design is the creation and dissemination of one narrative that provides consistent access to patients throughout the hospital. This layout accelerates patient transfer between departments and departments.

Rotting Hill Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Reputation of 70%
  • Staff Morale of 70%
  • Hospital Value of 1,000,000 Dollars

By completing these requirements, you will be rewarded with 10,000 Dollars and 100 Kudosh.

2 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 200 Patients
  • Reputation of 80%
  • Staff Morale of 80%
  • Hospital Value of 2,000,000 Dollars

Completing these objectives will award you with 20,000 Dollars and 150 Kudosh on account of their progress.

3 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 500 Patients
  • Reputation of 90%
  • Staff Morale of 95%
  • Hospital Value of 5,000,000 Dollars

Finishing these tasks will provide players with 30,000 dollars and 200 Kudosh.

Rotting Hill Staff Training Tips

Training can improve the moderator’s abilities and help garner further qualifications. Rotting Hill is a dying hospital with a debt of $10,000 and damaged machines. Training needs to sway the game and operate on the medical needs of many individuals.

A training room is required for training and the number of employees trained depends on the number of individuals in the room. To begin training, select the designation from the initials, send a worker into the room and assign a teacher for the job. Then initiate the training by pressing the start button.

Guest Trainers cost from $10,000 to $25,000 (depending on the Qualification), plus an additional fee of between $5,000 and $25,000 (for Trainees). Pledging a hospital nurse with qualification in the purview of Diagnostics to train other doctors and healthcare workers will prompt this company to waive the Trainee’s fee.

To increase the morale of the workers, hill training in the “rotting” is highly recommended. Due to the fact that of the unpleasant setting and condition of the health center, the workers have ended up disheartened. Hill training can raise the personal development of the personnel as it elevates their qualities such as bedside manner, emotional intelligence, and inspiration that leads to happiness and satisfaction on the job.

While the number of patients visiting Rotting Hill Hospital is high, the staffers must manage them efficiently so that hospital operations continue as usual. To take care of the crowds and efficiently operate the facility, the following qualifications are required.



Customer Service Improves Reception and Retail Skills
General Practice Improves Diagnostics skills in the GP’s office
Maintenance Increases repair skills and maintenance work throughout the hospital
Treatment Increases the treatment skills of doctors and nurses
Ward Management Increases Diagnostic and treatment skills in wards

Rotting Hill: How to Manage Staff Morale

Rotting Hill is situated in an uncomfortable location and is plagued by destroyed crops, withered plants, and extremely harsh weather. When workers become discouraged, tactical issues arise at Rotting Hill. Motivating the workers plays a key role in managing the business successfully.

In order to boost the productivity of workers, and to enhance their satisfaction with the environment, the workplace should make proper facilities and pleasant practices readily available. Rotting Hill is located in a slum; as such, workers’ relief can be from comfortable restroom facilities. Providing a wholesome selection of food and drinks will prolong their mood. Radiators and coffee machines ought to be made available and inside rooms.

It is important for staff members to take regular breaks and enjoy lucrative salaries. The setting outside is uninviting and harsh, so it is helpful to maintain a clean environment in which the staff feel at ease.

Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill Walkthrough

Two Point Hospital is referred to, when patients arrive there, by the presence of the broken machines that negatively affect their work, making profit difficult. Selling toilets, benches, plants, and drinks from the vending machine is an option here. Secondly, clean the hospital to improve the management efficiency.

The general reputation and improved quality of a hospital will lead to a greater number of patients seeking treatment there. After earning the desired symbol level, hospitals and more medical facilities have to include sufficient medical staff to handle the large numbers of patients and ensure quality care.

The infrastructure of the hospital should be designed as well. Install radiators and coffee makers in rooms and build auxiliary buildings. This will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management and raise the morale of the staff. Lowering the hospital’s costs in the early stages can prove a good idea if it increases the hospital’s reputation.

A list of the afflicted ailments is presented on the left-hand side of the screen. The treatment rooms are marked beside them.

  • Grey Anatomy: Chromatherapy
  • Jest Infection: Clown Clinic
  • Premature Mummification: Cryptology
  • Jumbo DNA, Flumps: DNA Lab
  • Hurty Leg, Humerus Injury, Shattered: Fracture Ward
  • Turtle Head: Head Office
  • Litter Bug, Mood Poisoning, Spontaneous Combustion: Injection Room
  • Potty Mouth, Verbal Diarrhea: Pharmacy
  • Emperor Complex, Mock Star, Night Fever: Psychiatry
  • Floppy Discs Star, Gurning Loins, Pipe Organs: Surgery
  • Bed Face, Lazy Bones, Monobrow, Mucky Feet, Portishead: Ward

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