Warframe: Which One Choose Drifter or Operator?

Warframe is a superb action-adventure game, and gaming industry professionals Warframe, Digital Extremes, and Panic Button Games continue to make expansions and improvements to keep players interested and invested.  One of the recently released add-on packs, The New War, brings new locations, items, quests, and warframes to the battle. While walking through the quests, you must make a major decision that will profoundly influence the storyline, and that is choosing between Drifter or Operator.

Warframe: Which One Choose Drifter or Operator?

How Does This Choice Affect the Story?

Warframe is famous for one of the tales from among the many virtual world games currently available. In Warframe, each choice you make plays a substantial role in how things go and on the final outcome. Each choice is vital, and plays an important function.  If you just think about it, it becomes apparent that why players are so keen to select between warframes.

Drifter and Operator are two versions of the player that come from different timelines. They have had different life experiences that largely align or alternately contradict each other. Both of their stories are different, and the player gets to decide whether they want to witness the other’s journey towards later.

Who Should You Choose, Drifter or Operator?

Most of the people in Warframe have a preference for which operator they prefer. They may think it’s their right to keep that Operator and they truly feel this way. Of course, we’re here to set the record straight. However, keep an eye on what others do no matter whom you pick to benefit. Yes, Operator and Drift will always belong to you, yet you will not be able to tell the tale of the warframe you did not select, so pick whoever you like more.

Here are some questions you may be curious about regarding Warframe.

Is Warframe free-to-play?

Surprisingly, yes, you can download Warframe through Steam for free. However, you must pay for expansion packages that are released for Warframe, if you want extra content.

What is Tenno in Warframe?

The Warframe Tenno is the biomechanical human-like sentient entity that plays Warframes. Each individual regardless of Warframe they use is called a Tenno.

How long do Tennos live?

We have determined that tennos are not human, so it would be illogical to suppose that they shared the same lifetime as humans. Tennos are long-lived animal species with an average lifespan of about 1,000 years.


Warframe’s entire framework is appealing, from the gameplay itself to its audio designs and visual direction. It’s impossible to deny that Warframe is an enormously successful enterprise, especially for a game that was released 13 years ago.

Developers continue to devote their time and resources to improving the gaming experience through expansion packs. Among the new expansion packs is The New War, which introduced a war frame in Warframe and permitted players to choose between two.  We hope that this post was helpful in your decision between Drifter and Operator and that you’ll let us know whom you chose in the comments below.

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